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     General Introduction to Lingyunhai Sugar Factory

        Lingyunhai Sugar Factory is located to the north of Shanghai Road and east of Linyi Road in Rizhao which was built in June 2002 with the investment of 136 million RMB and was put into production in July 2003. In March 2008, another 216 million RMB was invested to build the following project of the Sugar Factory, which was put into production in February 2009. The Sugar Factory currently owns two large production lines, with the daily processing ability of 1500-2000 tons raw sugar, annually 1 million to 1.2 million tons.

        Advanced production equipments and exquisite production skill have guaranteed the excellent quality. The granulated white sugar and soft white sugar of “Ling Xue” brand produced by the company, by its excellent product quality and the company’s good reputation, is in the front of industry of the whole country, and is listed in “Red List of Products Quality Supervision Random Inspection” for three years in a row in the random inspection carried by National Sugar Industry Quality Supervision Center. The products are greatly praised by the industry and the consumers. 


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