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                                                           Introduction to Rizhao Linghai Hotel

         Rizhao Linghai Hotel was built in September 2004, which is a four star class modern hotel with the business of catering, accommodation and entertainment. The hotel is located in Rizhao, which is surrounded by mountains and the blue sea. It lies in the junction of Qinhuangdao Road and Linyi Road in Rizhao development zones and to Tongsan and Ridong highway with easy traffic for travelers. 

         Rizhao Linghai Hotel is a four star class modern business hotel, which has presidential suites, deluxe suites, business suites, standard rooms and business single rooms. It is an ideal place for business negotiation, tourist recreation, banquet and conference reception with bar, chinese food hall, luxury banquet rooms, western restaurant and deluxe and elegant without column multifunctional hall. Luxurious and comfortable suits, delicate and delicious meals, advanced recreational facilities, warm and thoughtful service will be the hotel guests’ good memory. Insisting on the management philosophy of people oriented the enterprise culture of pursuing excellence and true devotion, Linghai Hotel will try its best to provide good quality, high end and first class services to the guests from all over the world.


    集团地址:日照经济技术开发区秦皇岛路59号凌海大酒店    全国服务热线:0633-3602298

    集团销售部电话:0633-3602298    集团销售部办公地址:日照经济技术开发区秦皇岛路59号凌海大酒店裙楼

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