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    General Introduction to Rizhao Lingfei Chinese Warehousing Co., Ltd.

        Rizhao Lingfei Chinese Warehousing Co., Ltd. was established in September 2005, which is located to the north of Shanghai Road and the west of Linyi Road and occupies the area of 72100 square meters with the construction area of 35735 square meters. The total investment is more than 50 million RMB. 5 modernized sugar products warehouses, of which the capacity is 150 thousand tons, realizes a one package service for the storage, preservation and handling of the sugar. In 2007, the company was approved by Qingdao Custom to be bonded warehouse, and was approved by Zhengzhou Commodities Exchange to be sugar futures contract settlement warehouse, and was approved by Ministry of Commerce to the country’s sugar strategic preservation warehouses at the same year.

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